facial expressions - display rules

Facial expressions – Display rules

Facial expressions – Display rules In the article Facial expressions of emotions, I have shown that emotions’ communication is the main role of facial expressions. I have also mentioned the main emotions which are communicated. Yet, these expressions are seldom seen in the everyday life; we are educated, since we are born, to control our […]

nonverbal communication - emotional contagion

Emotional Contagion

Emotional Contagion

Has not ever happened to you when you are around someone to feel suddenly more alive, or more energetic? Or by contrary, more depressed, more anxious? Even when that person did not tell you anything to generate a specific emotion? Read more

Facial expressions of emotions

Facial expressions of emotions

The face identifies us as unique beings. The interest for researching the face and finding out what we can say just observing it, was present since ancient times. Between 18 and 19 century the science of physiognomy was flourishing, claiming to determine a man’s character just by analyzing and interpreting facial features This pseudo-science never stood the test of time, although recent research proves that some information can be obtained, by analyzing facial features only.

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noverbal communication iliescu 1

Iliescu’s nonverbal communication abilities

lying nonvebal communication

Lying and nonverbal communication

Lying and nonverbal communication

Although  many ”body language” books make us to believe that is piece of cake to spot a liar by using some nonverbal clues, the truth is that is very hard to catch a liar. Read more

nonverbal communication gestures emblems

Gestures in nonverbal communication

Gestures in nonverbal communication Including gestures as a form of  nonverbal communication is still a matter of debate among scholars. Some of them, with arguments, claim that this type of communication  cannot be dissociated from verbal communication and, by consequence, should be studied together with it.

nonverbal communication

What is nonverbal communication?

What is nonverbal communication?

If we judge by the term itself, nonverbal communication means all the communication made outside words. But what are we sending outside words? We are sending moods, emotions, feelings, attitudes. Read more

fonctions of nonvebal communication

Functions of nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication fulfill many functions and determining them is a matter of positioning and choice of a certain field of research: science of communication, sociology, psychology, antrophology etc. I will mention the most common functions of nonverbal communication. Read more

Posture as a way for nonverbal communication

Posture as a way for nonverbal communication Posture is the body’s position at a certain moment. Compared with other nonverbal channels, postures send us information which is both easier and harder to decode. Harder, because there is no social code for meaning attribution related to each posture. Easier, because postures are always visible and have […]